Cassiano Oliveira | workshop

How to Amaze your Clients

Posing & Lighting Masterclass hosted by Cassiano Oliveira





Cassiano Oliveira, one of the top wedding photographers in the Lehigh Valley, invite you to a Posing and Lighting Masterclass: How to Amaze Your Clients    

For the first time, Cassiano will demonstrate how to pose your clients, how to light them and  how to amaze your clients every time with world-class images.

Learn how to use available light, on-camera Flash, off-camera flash,  Continuous light to create extraordinary images.  Learn how to pose your clients to make them look younger and thinner.

Participate in a photoshoot with live models, sharpen your skills, learn how to solve problems, how to improvise, get lots of tips and get your questions answered.  

Come for inspiration, come for the challenge!  See you all there!